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CodeVisionAVR is a C cross-compiler, Integrated Development Environment and Automatic Program Generator designed for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers. The program is a native 32bit application that runs under the Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000 and XP operating systems. The C cross-compiler implements nearly all the elements of the ANSI C language, as allowed by the AVR architecture, with some features added to take advantage of specificity of the AVR architecture and the embedded system needs. The compiled COFF object files can be C source level debugged, with variable watching, using the Atmel AVR Studio debugger. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has built-in AVR Chip In-System Programmer software that enables the automatical transfer of the program to the microcontroller chip after successful compilation/assembly. The In-System Programmer software is designed to work in conjunction with the Atmel STK500, Kanda Systems STK200+/300, Dontronics DT006, Vogel Elektronik VTEC-ISP, Futurlec JRAVR and MicroTronics' ATCPU/Mega2000 development boards. For debugging embedded systems, which employ serial communication, the IDE has a built-in Terminal. Besides the standard C libraries, the CodeVision AVR C compiler has dedicated libraries for:
  • Alphanumeric LCD modules
  • Philips I2C bus
  • National Semiconductor LM75 Temperature Sensor
  • Philips PCF8563, PCF8583, Dallas Semiconductor DS1302 and DS1307 Real Time Clocks
  • Dallas Semiconductor 1 Wire protocol
  • Dallas Semiconductor DS1820/DS18S20 Temperature Sensors
  • Dallas Semiconductor DS1621 Thermometer/Thermostat
  • Dallas Semiconductor DS2430 and DS2433 EEPROMs
  • SPI
  • Power management
  • Delays
  • Gray code conversion.
CodeVisionAVR also contains the CodeWizardAVR Automatic Program Generator, that allows you to write, in a matter of minutes, all the code needed for implementing the following functions:
  • External memory access setup
  • Chip reset source identification
  • Input/Output Port initialization
  • External Interrupts initialization
  • Timers/Counters initialization
  • Watchdog Timer initialization
  • UART initialization and interrupt driven buffered serial communication
  • Analog Comparator initialization
  • ADC initialization
  • SPI Interface initialization
  • I2C Bus, LM75 Temperature Sensor, DS1621 Thermometer/Thermostat and PCF8563, PCF8583, DS1302, DS1307 Real Time Clocks initialization
  • 1 Wire Bus and DS1820/DS18S20 Temperature Sensors initialization
  • LCD module initialization.
Source document: User Manual

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